InsideOut seeks to engage students in an authentic relationship with Christ through worship, service, fun, and discipleship in safe and encouraging environments.


Sunday nights we gather from 6pm-7:30pm to worship Jesus, hear a relevant message, discuss faith in small groups, and to just have some plain old fun. 




Tuesdays 7pm-8:30pm

Sundays 9am

Carter Baldwin
Director of Student & Young Adult Ministries

Here's what you need to know about Carter:

- He's married to a wonderful Wisconsinite named Suzy and has a rock star son named Jude who runs his home. They are expecting the arrival of a baby girl in late 2016. 

Though he grew up all over the United States and is proud to hang his hat in Madison, he considers himself a Southerner having been born in North Carolina and lived in Memphis, TN for eight years. 

- He is simultaneously a huge geek and huge sports fan. He is unable to perform feats of athletic ability of any kind. But he can school you at Wii Tennis. Seriously.

- He received his undergrad from Visible Music College in Memphis, TN. 
You've never heard of it. 

- In addition to his role at Asbury, Carter is attending seminary at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN,
because having two kids and full time youth ministry just wasn't enough of a challenge.
But he loves what he does and absolutely loves ministering to students.